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Investment Management

At the heart of my practice is managing your investment profile to maximize growth capital and help you realize your goals for a generous retirement.

Account Supervision

Continuous Advice

How it Works

A holistic approach to working through your finances step-by-step.


Free Consultation

We’ll meet for an hour so that I can get to know you, gain an understanding of your current finances, and list out your goals.

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Risk Assessment

By looking at your current finances and with the help of the Riskalyze questionnaire, we’ll determine how much risk you can take withour compromising your goals.


Investment Profile Proposal

Based on your individual context, I’ll craft an investment proposal for you to consider. It will outline the goals we’ve discussed and the unique strategies that will help us to meet them.

  • ASSET location strategies

Implementation & Ongoing Management

After the investment profile is approved, I’ll move forward with selecting specific investments that align with the strategies in our plan. Then, I’ll regularly monitor and re-balance your assets for maximum growth.

  • Regular Monitoring
  • Periodic Rebalancing
  • quarter & Year-end Reviews
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Why Work with me

I’m passionate about making a contribution to your life through knowledgeable advice.

Let me help you craft an individualized investment strategy designed to grow for the long term.

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Amirth Ramakrishnan
Financial Advisor

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Going through everything above, you might be overwhelmed. But getting started is easy. It starts with one meeting.

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