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to meet your financial goals.

Secure your financial life. As a fee-only fiduciary advisor, I help my clients plan for retirement, put their children through college and prudently manage their stock option & deferred compensation plans. Schedule a free consultation to get started.

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The Benefits

A comprehensive roadmap for your future

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Prepare For Emergencies

We can’t know what emergencies will come our way. It’s prudent to set aside an emergency fund & have adequate insurance coverage. That due diligence will pay off in peace of mind.

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Save For Your Future

What are your goals for your retirement? For your kids and their education? Dream big now and start working towards it. And, plan with confidence knowing you’ve made informed decisions.

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Grow Your Money

Invest in a broad, globally diversified portfolio of equity and fixed income assets to grow your money. Have a consistent investment strategy and focus on the long term.

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Reduce Risk

Wise investment begins with determining your tolerance for risk. Your investments should match your need, ability and willingness to take risk. This maximizes your odds of success.

Our services

Individually tailored financial plans and investment portfolios.

Investment Management

First, we create your profile by evaluating your investment history and gauging your risk tolerance. Then, we create a portfolio with a unique asset blend. Finally, we supervise your account for maximum growth.

  • Continuous Advice
  • Account Supervision
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Financial Planning

We start by evaluating your current finances. Then, we use financial tools to forecast future cash flow, asset values, and withdrawal plans. Finally, we craft a written plan using what we learned to achieve your stated goals.

  • Retirement
  • Banking
  • DEBT
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Get Your Risk Profile

Assessing your tolerance for risk is an important part of creating an investment profile. Should you invest in relatively low-risk bonds or should you aim for higher returns with stocks? Take our questionnaire to evaluate how much risk you can tolerate.

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Following my passion from the tech sector to financial services.

My first career was a lucrative one in the Information Technology industry. Despite the success, however, I felt something missing. My passion for investment management led me to pursue my post graduate program in Finance. As I built community in Austin, friends and coworkers started coming to me more frequently to help them with their questions about saving, investing, retiring and more. That’s when I found my true calling. Now, I have the opportunity to contribute to the world by helping others make wise financial decisions.

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Amirth Ramakrishnan
Financial Advisor
My Values

Financial advice that’s all about you.

Individually Tailored Plans

Transparent Processes

Project-Based Planning

Flexible Meeting Times

Fee-Only Objectivity

Data-Driven Approach

One-On-One Service

Fiduciary Relationship

Focus on Risk Management

The Blog

A smart feed of interesting and helpful finance articles.

Benefits Of Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar-cost averaging is an effective way to mitigate the impact of volatility while investing in large financial assets. Also known as cost averaging or incremental averaging, dollar-cost averaging helps investors to ride out market downturns and manage their emotions, while promoting disciplined saving.

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All we need is…. Arithmetic?

One of the seminal articles in academic finance was published in 1991. It was published in The Financial Analysts' Journal. The author was none other than William F. Sharpe, the winner of 1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and the creator of the “Sharpe Ratio” which measures the excess return per unit of risk.

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How did I get interested in personal finance & investing?

Many of my family, friends and acquaintances were surprised, even shocked, when I revealed to them that I wanted to change careers and become an investment advisor. Questions like "how did you even think of become a financial advisor?" "You have a good, well paying job. Why leave now and start a 'risky' venture?"

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The Value of Financial Advice

One of the first questions that surely come to mind when someone is deciding to hire a financial planner or investment advisor is this: What is the value he or she is going to provide? Is it worth the fees that I am paying? Is there value in continuing to pay once the initial portfolio is setup?

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