Financial Planning

We start by evaluating your current finances. Then, we use financial tools to forecast future cash flow, asset values, and withdrawal plans. Finally, we craft a written plan using what we learned to achieve your stated goals.

Retirement Planning

Saving for College

Cash Flow Management

Debt Optimization

Insurance Needs

Employee Benefits

Banking Structure

How it Works

A holistic approach to working through your finances step-by-step.


Free Consultation

We’ll meet for an hour so that I can get to know you, gain an understanding of your current finances, and list out your goals.

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Technical Setup

With the proper documentation, I’ll get you set up in Right Capital, our traching and communications platform.

  • Get a full picture of your finances
  • Determine your net worth
  • Project your Future Cashflow


We’ll use your income, your fixed expenses, and variable expenses to create a useful budget.

  • Easily track transactions
  • Strategize how to save for goals

Tax Planning

By examining your family, work, and living context, I’ll ensure that your using the best possible tax declarations to save you the most amount of mony.

  • Project potential taxes
  • Consider tax-reducing techniques
  • Plan for property transactions

Retirement Analysis

After calculcating your risk profile and your cashflow projections, we’ll create a plan for your retirement and the best financial tools to get you there.

  • Plan for adequate retirement income
  • Social Security, Medicaid, & Medicare
  • Tax-Advantaged Retirement Plans

Insurance, Education Needs, and Employee Benefits

We’ll do two things: (1) Ensure that you’v set up your employee benefits in the best way possible and (2) make a savings plan for your children’s education using 529 plans.

  • 529 plan options
  • Life Insurance Review
  • employee stock plan strategies
  • deferred compensation plan analysis
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Why Work with me

I’m passionate about making a contribution to your life through knowledgeable advice.

I can work with you to address a specific financial planning question or build a comprehensive financial plan for your family that is designed to help you achieve your goals.

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Amirth Ramakrishnan
Financial Advisor

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